Comprehensive IT Security Solutions

With integrated solutions across the edge, endpoint, wireless, mobile and cloud, Exbabylon can help your organization protect what's yours with a modern solution that doesn't sacrifice speed, functionality or protection levels. From consulting and network audits to engineering, implementation, monitoring and management, Exbabylon providers enterprise-class security solutions at accessible price points for businesses and organizations of any size.

  • Certified Dell & Cisco Security Partner
  • We Understand Acronyms: HIPAA, FIPS & PCI DSS
  • Firewall & Wireless as a Service Available
  • Fully Managed Endpoint Protection
  • Verizon Wireless Partner w/ Mobile Device Management
  • Email Security & Encryption
  • Cloud & Data Center
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance

What we offer

FaaS [Firewall as a Service]

Change how you think about buying, installing and managing a firewall. Our innovative FaaS [Firewall as a Service] solution, in conjunction with our Dell Security partnership, provides your organization a best of breed Next Generation Firewall with integrated Intrusion Prevention, Gateway Anti-Virus, SSL Deep Packet Inspection and more, at an easy to budget monthly rate. We include engineering, implementation, comprehensive management by our expert team and 24/7 monitoring is baked right into our FaaS offering, giving your business the modern protection it needs without the large capital investment of purchasing a new firewall and the agility to grow knowing that your security platform can easily grow with you.

Now offering Wireless as a Service as an easy bolt-on option to FaaS!
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Firewall Engineering & Implementation

Get our Exbabylon security experts on your team, we'll help review your current environement, engineer a solution that fits your needs and help implement it seamlessly into your current business operations. Have an aging Cisco ASA or other firewall that needs to go? Maybe the need to replace firewalls across multiple facilities? Let our team help you move that old equipment out and the good stuff in fast- but don't worry, we'll be around to help with training, management, monitoring and anything else you might need afterwards. Get a local, personal firewall implementation experience with Exbabylon's dedicated project manager, on-premise meetings and serious dedication to getting it right the first time.

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Endpoint Protection & Mobile Device Management

Firewalls protect the edge of your network, but what about when people leave the safety of the nest? With an ever-increasing mobile workforce your staff are now working as much outside as inside the four walls you're securing with your on-premise firewall. You need more, you need advanced, layered protection that works together to solve complex threats while also allowing your employees to work where and when they want to. Exbabylon offers fully integrated, fully managed, workstation Anti-Virus/Malware/Web Filtering protection for Macs and PCs, along with Mobile Device Management for your iOS and Android mobile devices. As an Apple Consultant and Microsoft Partner we provide a unified endpoint security approach that is platform agnostic and easy to implement.

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Identify Management & Authentication as a Service

Hearing lots about One Time Passwords? Want to implement 2FA [two factor authentication] but not sure where to start? We can help your organization implement 2FA solutions on your VPN, edge network access and more. We are also now offering Authentication as a Service [AaaS], a fully managed Identity & Access Management solution with dual factor authentication baked right in. Designed to work with platforms you already have, easily integrate two factor authentication into the services your remote users access the most without significant cost of investment or retraining. We let your staff use mobile apps, Yubieys, SMS and other methods to insure every organization can afford to secure their environments with enterprise-class security.

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Email Security & Encryption

Secure and encrypt your email with EMAIL|360, an easy to use bolt-on email security solution that works with your firewall to secure your mail server, cloud mail service provider or Office 365 Hosted Exchange platform. Gain access to the powerful and popular ZixCorp email encryption for HIPAA compliant email encryption without any capital costs, per mailbox, per month, no surprises- this platform grows with you.

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