Is Office 365 Right for Your Business? How Does It Work?

Exbabylon's a Microsoft Silver Cloud Solution Partner and we're helping businesses large to small leverage Office 365 every day.

Technology is changing fast and Microsoft Office 365 presents new opportunities and challenges for organizations of every size. Because every business is unique, the decision to implement Office 365 isn't a clear cut decision, but for those who it does make sense for- it's an awesome platform with cost savings and scalability that give your business and IT department freedom to focus on doing awesome stuff, instead of maintaining Exchange, Lync or Sharepoint infrastructure.

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Small Businesses Win Big Too!

From simplified licensing to reduced IT costs and upfront capital investments for expensive servers, Exbabylon is helping many of our existing and new small businesses leverage the power of Office 365 to keep their business on the cutting edge- with all the benefits and none of the risk. Say goodbye to email outages, small mailbox sizes or buying a new copy of Microsoft Office every time you purchase new computers.

We also know it doesn't make sense for every customer, and we have solutions on both side of the "cloud/on-premise" fence, so get with us before you make the plunge (or decide not to).

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Don't Go It Alone

As a Microsoft Cloud Partner, we can offer you full Office 365 assessment, implementation and management support. From a free customized trial to migrations and on-boarding, the Exbabylon team is here to make your transition to Office 365 smooth. From Exchange migrations to Lync roll outs, we've been there done that and might even be able to save you some money (and heartache) in the process.

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