SERVICE|360 Managed IT Services

Managed SERVICE|360 IT Services

We're revolutionizing how the region thinks about Managed IT Services. No "silver or gold" packages here, SERVICE|360 is built to fit the needs and budget of your organization, everything from response times to included services are flexible- giving you just the right mix of benefits that managed IT services offer, without the costly services you don't need.

This comprehensive service was designed to be as affordable as it is powerful.
  • 24/7 Internal & External Monitoring
  • 1 Minute WAN Heartbeats
  • 5 Minute Server Heartbeats
  • 1 Hour Workstation Heartbeats
  • SECURE|360 Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware Included
  • EMAIL|360 Spam Filtering & Continuity Included
  • Dedicated Helpdesk and Monitoring Staff

WAN Monitoring

WAN Monitoring by Exbabylon
24/7 Monitoring of firewalls, edge routers, failover systems and critical services including Web Servers, VPN Systems, Mail Servers and more.

LAN Monitoring

LAN Monitoring by Exbabylon
Track internal systems, including bandwidth utilization on critical routers, health data from switches and more.

Is your IT department tired of chasing fires and wishing you had more time to focus on strategic IT work?

Exbabylon works with many in-house IT managers across the Inland Northwest to get ahead of the fires, by implementing SERVICE|360 into existing organizations we are able to offer you all the proactive benefits of a fully managed IT service with the control and oversight your IT department demands.

Be awesome, put Exbabylon on your team today!
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Server & Workstation Monitoring & Reporting

Server & Workstation Monitoring by Exbabylon
Welcome to Proactive IT. We don't fight fires...

We prevent them with 24/7 health checks of every server, workstation and laptop no matter where it is in the world. We don't hope the backups ran last night, we know. And if they didn't, our support team already knows about it and is working on resolution. The system is designed to be preventative, and tracks hundreds of metrics hourly to insure that all services are running at 100%. Our team is able to identify, react and prevent most outages through this core service. Then we leverage the same data to provide awesome reporting, asset tracking and other data to help your business use IT strategically.

SECURE|360 Managed Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware

Tightly integrated for both Windows and Mac platforms.

Our innovative managed anti-virus is included with SERVICE|360 because layer security is important, and endpoints like computers, servers and Macs are some of the most vulnerable. This innovative SECURE|360 solution provides coverage for all devices, both in and away from the office, while offering real-time push updates for zero-hour attacks, fully integrated reporting and central management by the Exbabylon Support Team to help organizations of all sizes meet compliance requirements, stay secure, and keep business moving.

Security Updates & Patch Management

Server & Workstation Monitoring by Exbabylon
Securing Mac, Windows & Over 100 Third-Party Application

Our powerful SERVICE|360 technology protects, updates and secures one of the most vulnerable and overlooked part of your network: third party applications. From Java to Flash, Acrobat Reader to Firefox, Google Chrome and a 100+ more, Exbabylon keeps all your systems up to date without time-consuming manual updates. We integrate this powerful third-party application update system with our Microsoft Patch Management systems to create a streamlined update approach that works on your schedule.

Other SERVICE|360 Bolt On Solutions Available

Offsite Backup, Web Filtering & More

Leveraging an integrated platform our SERVICE|360 clients can take advantage of other enterprise-class solutions bundled at affordable SMB prices. These include critical, while often expensive, solutions that many organizations go without because of cost and management concerns like our BACKUP|360 offsite backup solution, disaster recovery data center operations, or endpoint web filtering.