Safety. Experience. Technology.

The Exbabylon team has been servicing the technology needs of the mining industry since 2008 and has grown it's customer base throughout the Northwest region with roots in the world-renouned Silver Valley Idaho. Our clients include mine service companies, drilling corporations and mining operations with presence in Idaho, Montana and Nevada. Building on our experience in the manufacturing and engineering markets, we've built an IT team that knows the software packages and unique communications requirements of the mining industry. Imagine an IT team that understands AutoCAD, Vulcan, Micromine and Gemcom amongst other industry specific systems.


A registered MSHA [Mine Safety & Health Administration] Contractor, Exbabylon has MSHA Part 46 & Part 48 certified staff. Safety is always first, and we're used to getting the job done on any mine site. From administration offices to engineering, field and mining operations, our clients rely on the Exbabylon team's experience to connect technology across some of the regions most remote and inaccessible locations.

Exbabylon is a PICS Contractor. PICS is an industry leader in contractor management and auditing. The rigorous PICS contractor certification process gives our client's peace of mind, lower operating costs and holds our team to a high set of standards.

Some of our mining industry clients include:

  • Sunshine Silver Mines
  • Crescent Mine
  • RedPath
  • US Silver & Gold Inc.
  • United Silver Corporation
  • Teck Resources Limited
  • United Mine Services
  • Mine Fabrication Inc.
  • Peak Mechanical & Components
  • American Drilling Corporation

Featured Services

  • Consulting & Project Management
  • Network Monitoring & Management
  • VOIP & Voice Communications
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Planning
  • Server & Storage Deployment
  • Site-to-Site & Multi-Site WAN/LAN Design
  • Helpdesk & Onsite Service Technicians