Enterprise Grade Email Filtering, Security, Archiving & Encryption

Available to organizations of all sizes at a low monthly rate with no contract required.

A foundation of every organization's communication, email has surpassed phone as the single most important service IT must insure is functional 24/7. With a diverse customer base ranging from Exchange to Cloud and other types of traditional mail servers, Exbabylon developed an email service package that offers world-class protection, can be implemented easily into any ecosystem, requires no additional hardware or software and is accessible for small and large businesses alike.

Powered by Reflexion Security & ZixCorp Encryption

An easy to use, scalable platform that protects all of your users out of the box from junk mail, malicious phishing, and viruses, EMAIL|360 takes the brunt of the internet for you, only passing the clean, filtered emails securely to your mail server. Because no software or hardware is installed on the customer network, implementing EMAIL|360 is as easy as changing your mail records to point to our system and you're done. The expert Exbabylon security team will help you with the minor technical changes needed, and you'll be enjoying the benefits of better email within minutes. A fully managed service, EMAIL|360 support is provided by our local team, and, if desired, a complete administration and reporting portal is available for your IT staff to provide day to day management and tight IT control.

When you're ready to implement advanced encryption or archiving features you can do it for one, or all users- and you can do it at the flip of a switch.



  • No Upfront Fees
  • Low Monthly Per User Cost
  • Fully Managed Service
  • Works With All Existing Email Systems
  • No Software To Install
  • Mobile Device & Cross Platform Support
  • HIPAA & HITECH Compliance
  • Easy To Use & Manage
  • No User Training Required

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